Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everyone Loves A Giveaway!

I know that everyone loves a good give away! There are two fabulous ones going on right now I would love to share with you all! :)

First, the lovely Portuguese Prepster is giving away a lovely Lilly Agenda, and a Koozie!
I mean, who doesn't love Lilly? ;)

Secondly, the lovely Shasta Anne is having a faboosh giveaway for a Clarisonic Pro!
Hurry, it ends tomorrow!

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

K takes DC!

This past semester and summer has been quite a whirl wind figuring out life, and what not! (think mid life crisis, at 21)

After going back and forth wanting to be a teacher, but then realizing I really love all things about being a teacher, and think it's one of the best professions ever, I would rather pursue the second part of my dual degree, that being Political Science.

So after lots of hours of debating with myself, I decided to apply for a semester internship program in Washington DC!

To my great surprise I was accepted into the Criminal Justice/Law program and will be moving to DC come August 31st to complete my final semester of college!

I am still waiting to receive my specific internship placement, but I am super excited!

I have spent many of my free days this summer shopping for suits, and all things professional! (I feel like a real grown up!)

Think Elle Woods takes DC ;)

I am super excited, and anxious to experience DC!

If you have any suggestions of places to visit or things to do in DC let a girrrrl know since I am quite clueless!

There will be oodles of updates I am sure!

Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday loves!


4th of July fun!

I hope that you all had an amazing long weekend! It was so wonderful spending time with all the friends and family!! Not to mention celebrating this beautiful nation!

Unfortunately I got a nasty stomach bug that caused my weekend to start Saturday rather then Thursday/Friday like I was hoping! But thankfully Saturday I felt much better and was shore bound by 1pm with my best, L!

We sat in lots of this.. (this is normal for summer cruises down to the shore)

Enjoyed a few fancy drinks ;)

Was very silly with all the little cousins, especially this one! (my mini-me, turned 13 today! *cries*)

caught some crabbies off the dock!

Did some wake boarding and tubing

enjoyed some breathtaking sunset cruises on the river

a little paddle boarding action

more fancy drinks ;)

lounging around and tanning

And of course, enjoyed a few fireworks shows, one while out on the boat!

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend and getting back to the grind this week hasn't been too rough! It's already Wednesday, YAY!