Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Happy Friday, loves!! :)

I am SO excited that I will be seeing CARRIE tonight!!! This will be the first time I am seeing her and I am beyoooooooond excited!!

I even got floor seats, so I am hoping that I will be super close able to touch Ms. Underwood!!

I mean she's perfection. Majahhh girl crush over here!

I'm also super excited to see this lil cutie, Mr. Hunter Hayes performing. Obviiis when he sings Wanted he will wisk me to the stage and serendae me in front of everyone! ;)

Hope you have a fabulous Friday & a lovely weekend!!

xo, K.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day!

I think that I have been waiting my entire life four years for this day to finally come! If you follow me on Twitter, you have already been subjected to reading my crazy tweets during the 3 Presidental Debates and the 1 VP jokeshow Debate.

Being a Political Science major in college, I am quite passionate about politics and have very strong opinions on many issues.

But, I will keep all of that to myself because the MOST important thing to do today, regardless of your political beliefs and opinions is to get out there and VOTE!!!

This election is going to be soooooooo close and your vote matters!

So do your civic duty and get out there and VOTE!!

May the best man who hasn't already been President for four years win! (sorry, I had to)

xo K.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Can't even begin to explain the extent of the damage that Hurricane Sandy had on Jersey. It's absolutely heartbreaking and devastating. I feel extremely blessed that all of my family is safe. I am on day 4 without power and our biggest struggle right now is trying to find places to get gas because most are closed, sold out, or have 4 hour lines! Hoping that power is restored soon because it's getting super cold at night! Unfortunately so many people I know have had total and utter destruction brought upon their homes and lives. Please keep NJ, NY, and all the other areas that have been affected by the hurricane in your prayers! I am already looking forward to all the ways that I can help restore our state. And I am sure the kiddies are looking forward to actually celebrating Halloween which was postponed till Monday due to the executive order of Christie! Hope all is well with you all! xo Katy