Thursday, November 1, 2012


Can't even begin to explain the extent of the damage that Hurricane Sandy had on Jersey. It's absolutely heartbreaking and devastating. I feel extremely blessed that all of my family is safe. I am on day 4 without power and our biggest struggle right now is trying to find places to get gas because most are closed, sold out, or have 4 hour lines! Hoping that power is restored soon because it's getting super cold at night! Unfortunately so many people I know have had total and utter destruction brought upon their homes and lives. Please keep NJ, NY, and all the other areas that have been affected by the hurricane in your prayers! I am already looking forward to all the ways that I can help restore our state. And I am sure the kiddies are looking forward to actually celebrating Halloween which was postponed till Monday due to the executive order of Christie! Hope all is well with you all! xo Katy


Gwen said...

We have been praying nonstop here in the midwest! I sure hope you get power soon. I know it's cliche but things always look better when the power is on. Continuing to send our prayers!

Laura Darling said...

I'm in Philadelphia but it breaks my heart to see everything that has happened down the shore. My boyfriend's family has a house in Wildwood Crest, and luckily they didn't get much more damage than some water inside. I can't believe the pictures. I hope you get power back soon, and the recovery for the area is quick!