Friday, April 29, 2011

The Most Anticipated Wedding

For all of those who are unaware, I am quite wedding obsessed. I just think weddings are fabulous and such wonderful days celebrating the love people share! So, naturally I had to get a lil into this Royal Wedding business. I have to say, before today I would read up on things here and there but I was not the obsessed type.

I woke up this morning at 7 (solely because I could not fall back asleep) and turned on E! I caught some of the Royal Wedding festivities and saw the most anticipated kiss ever. It was such a sweet moment, and everything looks so amazing!

Here are some photos that show how obsessed and into this wedding people got, and then some of the sweet newly wed Royal couple!

Sorry if you've seen these pictures 500x already! I had to do a post!

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday

Linking up again for Pink & Green Thursday! I have been super busy this week cause it's the last week of classes! *YAY* Tomorrow is my sororities formal down in Atlantic City! I am so excited! :)

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!!

Enjoy and embrace the meaning of the day, and your time with your family and loved ones!!

God Bless you all!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply Amazing

Saw this video from the ACM's Girls Night Out 2011.

This is just beyond amazing. Carrie outdoes herself! Such a beautiful song, and since Easter is tomorrow its a beautiful reminder!

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where have all the good guys gone?

Really though, does anyone know the answer to this question??
I am a single twenty-one year old girl, and I am convinced there are no good guys left in the world.
Sure, we have the guys who we *think* are good, but they end up being just like everyone else.
I felt the need to write this out because I get so darn frustrated with guys.
I know I am 21, and I have a whole life ahead of me and plenty of time to find a guy, but it's not about that.
It really doesn't have to be complicated, but in my life it always seems to end up complicated.
Don't get me wrong -- I'm not the kinda girl who goes out hoping it will result in a boyfriend. I really don't think I want to have a boyfriend because 1, there are no guys worthy of such a title 2, boys always bring drama with them and I am not in need of excess drama in my life and 3, I do enjoy being single and going out when I want, doing what I want with whomever I want to.
This still doesn't keep me from occasionally thinking that a guy has *some* potential. But that ends up being a big N-O!
So what's the deal?
I would indeed play the age card, saying that most 21 year old guys do not want to be in a relationship (cause most 21 year old guys I know are trying to cling to their youth and live it up before they have to be real people). But, I talk to guys who range from 21-28. And they are ALL the same. They're immature, indecisive, non-committal, players, have crazy exes, ect, ect, ect.
I guess I'm just tired of the games, and the lies, and the saying one thing and then completely doing another.
I know that no guy is truly perfect, and maybe I'm cynical (due to the 3 1/2 relationship that completely drained me).
But, I would like to think that some good guys exist somewhere?
I read so many beautiful stories about amazing guys on peoples blogs and it makes me so happy some people can experience that.
Clearly New Jersey is not the place to find a good guy. (really though, some people cling to the stereotypes and the GTLing a little too much)
Maybe I need to venture below the Mason Dixon line and be charmed by a cute little preppy Southern boy with that adorable accent (okay, so maybe that's in my dream world)
This all probably sounds quite pathetic, and that's fine. But, I just wonder sometimes why guys are complete aholes!!
Get some feelings, and realize that you're going to need to grow up sometime!!!
End of my rant, my apologies!
Hope you all have a faboosh night!

Pink & Green Thursday : Home Edition

Can't believe it's already Thursday, and this weekend is Easter! I love Easter, and am super excited to spend some time home with the family! I did something a lil different (for me) and did a Home themed P&G Thursday! Hope you enjoy!

Super excited that my weekend has already begun! Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!