Thursday, April 5, 2012

Playing catch up!

Seems like it's been forevs since I've blogged. Major slackage on my end (bad girl, I know!). Going to try my best to keep up with it! I have been such a busy bee these past few months! A new job, adjusting to the 'real world - post college' life and schedule, and trying to do 8390823 things all at once!

This past Tuesday I went to a book signing for the lovely Tori Spelling's new book CelebraTORI! Let me just tell you, she is just the sweetest thing ever! She looks so adorbz as a preggo and she is just so sweet! I went with my boss from work because we brought her some goodies for Stella from our company and she LOVED them! I was SO excited! :) Not to mention the book is amaze. It's a party planning book which is my kinda heaven! You should definitely check it out for some fabulous party planning ideas! *check out my instagram pics to the right for some of Tori*

Not to mention Tori told me she LOVED my bag ;) (i died a little inside!) It's this Kate Spade bag that I Love!

Also, in exactly one week from today I will be in the gorgeeeeous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. WOO HOO!!!!! I am SO beyond excited I can't even tell you! I've never been to Mexico but I'm super excited! Have you ever been? Did you love it?

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Holler for the fact that tomorrow is Friday! Big holiday weekend coming up! :)


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