Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Living la vida loca..

For realz! I feel like I have ZERO time these days to do anything, let alone blog! I am going to make a solid effort to update on the reg! *pinky promise*

Let’s talk weekend recap!

This weekend was a ton of fun and relaxing (say whaaaa? I usually don’t ever “relax”)
I spent the weekend down the shore at my boyfriend’s house and then my beach casa with my bf and bestie boo!

Friday night we tried to watch Project X but I (as per the ushhh) passed out probably 10 minutes into it!
Saturday we headed up to my beach casa and spent the day at the beach at the beach club with my cousins and famila!

At night we got all dolled up and ready to go out (complete with ridiculous pictures, obviously) and ended up staying in because we were so exhausted #fail.

Sunday was another beautiful day and my bestie and I spent it at our beach club soaking up the rays!

I am really going to miss summer!

How was everyone’s weekend? Hope you had an awesome Monday!!


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