Sunday, November 21, 2010

giving thanks

Thanksgiving is only 4 days away, and it seems fitting to be in the "thankful" spirit. Today, my 5 roommates/pledge sisters of mine are having our second annual thanksgiving together. I am looking forward to cooking and spending time with my friends being thankful for everything life has given us, especially each other. The gift of friendship sometimes is a gift that we all take for granted, and we often forget to take time to give thanks for the friends we have in our life. I know that without my friends, I would be nothing. My friends are the ones who are there for me all the time, they offer me support, listen to me complain, listen to me cry, and most of all make me laugh. The laughter and love I share with my friends is a gift I know that will stay with me throughout my entire life. Although I don't want to grow up, and graduate college - I think that as I grow older each year, I am able to really appreciate things in life, and realize how thankful and grateful I am for everything I have been given. Each day is a gift, and I hope that you cherish it because you never know when the last will be! Take time and say thank you to the people you may not always take the time out to thank in your life!

thank you!

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