Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kim K's big wedding

It seems that there hasn't been quite as much hype for a wedding since the Royal Wedding that took place this Spring...

that is until Kim Kardashian announced her engagement to her basketball beau.

This past weekend was the day that they tied the knot in quite the extravagant wedding in Cali!

Here are some pictures of the big affair...

I don't understand this everyone in white thing?! Is this a new norm? I am not engaged or married but I would NOT want my bridesmaids in white... so odd!

how preshy!!!

Lindsay clearly thought she was Pippa... not really feeling the fact that she wore white to someones wedding, but maybe that's just me?

I personally wasn't a fan of this veil thing, I thought it was a lil odd but again, that was just me!

Thoughts? Did you love it, or did it dissapoint ya?

Hope you're having a lovely week!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK for real, why is everyone wearing white? The wedding party should not looks like they are ALL in wedding dresses. And the guests should know better.

Hate her veil headband. Love her dresses though...although the are the same silhouette...

Jenn and Ryan Tupps said...

I heard (on Chelsea Handler, mind you - so take that for what it's worth!) that the invitations specified black or white attire only. A theme-party wedding, if you will. I think it's just plain strange.

KAS said...

I'm not a fan of the bridal party in white or off white or whatever that closely looks like white. I think the bride should be the only one in white unless of course she chooses to marry in another color of dress. The dresses are all gorgeous. The green dress on Pippa looks so classy but it doesn't carry the same look for when Lindsey wears it. Oh yea and I heard on one the t.v. shows that it said only black or white attire as well.

Miss Lindsay said...

I learned from a trivia game at a bridal shower that Roman bridesmaids dressed similar to the bride to confuse evil spirits... but I doubt that was what they were going for.
I can't believe she was solo on the People cover - where was her hubby!!