Sunday, February 27, 2011

5 things I can't live without..

Thank you, Jessica who tagged me in this 5 Things You Can't Live Without! I am a little late with posting this, but these are my top 5 things that I cannot live without!

Here are 5 things that I can't do without!

1. My Blackberry Tour. Really though, it never leaves my hands and when it does, it's next to me in my bed! I seem to be on it almost 24/7 (not necessarily a good thing) but I am truly obsessed!

2. My iPod Touch. I really love music, and since I am back and forth from school to home often these days it's what gets me through the drives! The best is my car has an iPod cord, so I can control it right from the steering wheel!

3. McDonalds UnSweetened Iced Tea. I am obsessed with this stuff, for reals. I get one almost everyday - thankfully a large is only a dollar and there are zero cals!

4. My Pillows. I have an obsession with pillows. I have an excessive amount that I have on my bed and sleep with. Whether I am simply spending the night over my best's house (L can attest to this) I bring my pillows, or if I make transatlantic trips (L can also attest to this, I brought my pillows to Croatia with us). They are my comfort and a necessity to me sleeping!

5. My Coach Wristlet. I used to be obsessed with these back in the HS days when I didn't drive, and I didn't want to carry around a big bag. Who would have known turning 21 would bring them back into my life! I hate lugging a bag out to the bar, my wristlet is the perfect size and holds all my essentials - license, money, debit card, lipgloss, and phone!

Hope that you all had a lovely Monday! If you haven't done this fav 5 you should do it! Makes you think and it's fun! :)


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LKO said...

The look on my Nana's face when she saw your pillows... that was priceless!