Monday, February 28, 2011

miss behivin'..

So last night, I am sure a lot of you tuned into the Oscars which I must say, Anne and James let me down in the hosting department. Although, Mr. Franco is forgiven due to extreme good looks!

But, as any girl I tuned into the red carpet and judged everyone and their mother who walked down it! But one thing I fell in L O V E with was Kelly Osbornes majaah faboosh hair! Girl was rocking a nice big poof on the top of her head, better known as the 'bee hive'.

I am obsessed with big hair, and I find it very hard to leave the house without teasing the heck outta my hair to get it nice and big! So, seeing the big hair taking the red carpet made me very happy! Here are some of my favsie 'beehive' looks that some celebies have rocked in the past!

Not sure if you're a fan or not of the big hair, but I LOVE it!! Deff worth trying rocking a lil bigger hair then usual out, not necessarily to the extent of these ladies but changing up your hair is always fun, and can totally change your look!

Hope you had a lovely Monday!

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LKO said...

I want to have Tanya do my hair like Kelly's for Monica's shower, but is it too much for an afternoon look? The real question is, do I care? ;)