Monday, March 14, 2011

back to school, bye bye spring break!

Unfortunately yesterday it was back to school for me! Last week was my spring break, and although I didn't go away or anything it was great just spending time with the family and friends and relaxing at home! While I was home I..

Went to the Hoboken St. Patricks Day parade which was SO fun

I went out and had fun with my best friend Linda a few times..

Caught up on tv and watched a lot of movies while I was home..

Today I was super busy catching up on homework (something I did not miss)! Hope you all had a great Spring Break if you were on it, or have it coming up! Or, just a great week in general! Tomorrow is already Wednesday! (YAY!!)


Miss Lindsay said...

LOVE NOW AND THEN!!! I had the soundtrack too. Glad you had fun in Hoboken - I heard they are changing it to Wednesday next year :(

Michelle said...

You are just too precious!!

Ps: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Now & Then... oh & I also watched Love & Other Drugs on my spring break!! I thought it was a pretty decent movie!

kebowman said...

LOVE NOW AND THEN!! and SPICE WORLD! ahhh! great movies!