Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

I can't believe that today is officially the first day of Spring!! I can not wait for the weather to warm up so that I can wear cute clothes, lay on the beach and get some color-finally! These are a few of the things I am super excited about this coming Spring..

Free Ritas Italian Ice! Every year on the first day of Spring Ritas Italian Ice gives away free italian ice the entire day kicking off Spring right! I just got back from going with 4 of my roomies and it was delicious! If you have one near you, deff go before they close tonight! So yum!

Baseball Opening Day! I am a HUGE baseball fan and I LOVE love love the New York Yankees! I am anxiously awaiting opening day and the start of the season! I love watching baseball games, and love going to the games even more! Not to mention how darn good those boys butts look in those pants! ;)

Having classes outside on the grass!

Spending days drinking and hanging out on our big porch at my house at school!

Putting the boats in the water and going tubbing! I love being out on the water all day!

And of course Easter! Love what the holiday is all about, and spending time with my family!

What are you most excited for this Spring?

Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!



Michelle said...

GO RED SOX! Couldn't resist. ;) :) Hahahaaha... and to kick off spring today I did a little spring cleaning. Cleaned my whole house. And by whole I mean EVERY room in my two story townhouse. Surprisingly I find cleaning relaxing. Hahahaha YAY SPRING!

kebowman said...

ahhh!! love that house! beautiful!!
super cute blog!!! :)
come see me!